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Sweet Passport

How do I sign up for your rewards program?

To sign up for our Sweet Passport Rewards Program, please follow these steps: (1) Visit <a href='/locations/sweet-passport'></a>, (2) Choose your location, (3) Enter your phone number. And voila! You’re now a member of our rewards program!

What do I get if I sign up for Sweet Passport Rewards?

Our Sweet Passport Rewards program offers a variety of exciting benefits and deals! These include: (1) Ability to use points for purchase, (2) Exclusive member-only deals, (3) A special birthday bonus, (4) Monthly promotions, (5) Giveaway sign-up texts.

I didn’t see my promotional text the day of the promotion, will I still be able to take advantage of it?

Unfortunately, you can only redeem your promotional text on the day of the promotion. However, don’t be disappointed if you did end up missing one, you will receive another promotional text very soon! So, stay tuned!

How do I check the number of points in my rewards account?

To check the number of points in your account, please follow these steps: (1) Visit <a href='/locations/sweet-passport'></a>, (2) Choose your location, (3) On the sign-up page, click the link that says “Look up an existing account”, (4) Now enter your phone number or email (whichever you used to sign up), (5) And click “Find Now”!

I visit multiple locations of yours, does it matter which one I select to sign up?

We recommend choosing a location you visit more often or one that is closest to you. We frequently run promotions for specific locations and would like you to be able to enjoy those as well.

I am signed up for the rewards program but I am not receiving any texts from Sweet Paris.

You may not receive any texts if you’ve signed up using your email. However, if you’re certain that you’ve signed up using your phone then there may be an issue with your phone carrier. We suggest you give your carrier a call and have them look into it. If the issue is still not fixed, please send us an email at and we will get in touch with you!

How do the rewards points work?

For every $10 you spend, you get 1 point. Once you’ve collected 10 points, you’re eligible to get a $10 reward!


How many Sweet Paris locations are open in Houston?

We have 7 locations in the Greater Houston area, these include: (1) CityCentre, (2) Rice Village, (3) Highland Village, (4) Baybrook Mall, (5), Sugarland, (6) Katy, and (7) The Woodlands.

Outside of Houston, where else are you located?

Outside of Houston, we’re located in Austin, San Antonio and College Station in Texas, Doral and Coral Gables in Florida, Woodbury in Minnesota.

What new locations is Sweet Paris opening soon?

Sweet Paris has upcoming openings in 2024 in McAllen, Miami, Twin Cities, and Phoenix.

What time do you guys open/ close?

Each of our locations has its own opening and closing time. You can find our specific hours of operation under <a href='/locations'></a>.

Is Sweet Paris open on special holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year?

All details regarding our holiday schedule are updated a day in advance, please take a moment to go over our hours of operation for the location you’d like to visit under <a href='/locations'></a>.


Do you offer gluten-free crêpes?

Yes, while placing your order, please be sure to let us know that you’d like us to use a gluten-free crêpe batter for your crêpe.

Do you offer vegan/ dairy-free crêpes?

We offer vegan and dairy-free batters with any of our crêpes, while placing your order, please be sure to let us know that you’d like us to use a vegan or dairy-free crêpe batter for your crêpe. Additionally, we do also offer vegan options. Our “Berry Agave” crêpe is a delicious sweet crêpe made with apples caramelized in agave syrup, strawberries, & blackberries. And our “The Vegan” crêpe is an incredible savory crêpe made with delicious portobello mushrooms, black bean purée, corn salsa, & chipotle sauce!

I have food allergies, can I substitute the items on my crêpe?

Absolutely! While placing your order, please make sure you let us know about any allergies you may have to the ingredients your crêpe contains. Also, please let us know what ingredients you’d like to substitute them for.

Does your crêpe batter contain eggs?

Yes, it does. However, you’re welcome to substitute it for a vegan batter if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Will I be able to get a virgin French Riviera Cocktail?

Unfortunately, our cocktail and mimosa mix contains alcohol already, hence we can’t offer a virgin cocktail or mimosa.

Eat Here Feed There

How do the food bank donations work with Sweet Paris’ Eat Here Feed There program?

With the help of Sweet Paris’ Eat Here, Feed There Program, for each crêpe sold with the food bank logo, Sweet Paris donates one meal to children in need.

Which crêpes are your food bank donation crêpes?

Allison’s Parfait, Lemon & Sugar, and Truffled Caprese are the three crêpes that participate in our Eat Here, Feed There program

How many donations have you made so far?

The number of donations made so far is listed at <a href='/your-impact'></a> please take a moment to learn more about our food bank donations here.

Party Rooms

How many of your locations take party room reservations?

Our Baybrook Mall location primarily takes party room reservations. If you’re looking to book a room for your event, please visit <a href='/private-rooms-and-events'></a>

What is the process to book a party room at Sweet Paris Baybrook?

To make a reservation please follow these steps: (1) Visit <a href='/private-rooms-and-events'></a>, (2) Fill out the form on the page, (3) Get in touch with our team if you have any special requests, (4) Upon reviewing your party request, our team will get back to you and confirm your reservation.

Do you have a special catering menu?

Please fill out the form on <a href='/private-rooms-and-events'></a> there you will be able to curate your own menu from the variety of options available.

Will you be able to help with decorations in the party room?

We do not decorate the party room. However, the room will be available 1 hour prior to your event if you wish to decorate. Please be sure to not hang any decorations on the Venetian plaster walls as well as avoid any confetti decorations.

Can I get food catered from outside?

Unfortunately no. The only outside food allowed is cakes and cupcakes.

How much does it cost to reserve your party room?

For all Party Room inquiries please visit <a href='/private-rooms-and-events'></a> or give us a call at <a href='tel:346-230-8090'>346-230-8090</a>


Does Sweet Paris cater events?

We provide catering services in Houston If you’d like to know more about our catering services please visit <a href='/catering'></a>

How can I book Sweet Paris for catering an event?

To make a catering reservation please follow these steps: (1) Visit <a href='/catering'></a>, (2) Fill out the form, (3) Get in touch with our team if you have any special requests, (4) Upon reviewing your party request, our team will get back to you and confirm your reservation.

Do you have a special catering menu?

Yes, please fill out the form on <a href='/catering'></a> there you will be able to curate your own menu from the variety of options available.

When will the chef from Sweet Paris arrive at the site of the event?

30 minutes in advance of your scheduled event start time.

How much space is needed for setup and serving?

While we do have 6-foot and 8-foot folding tables, kitchen islands work as well. When you submit the Catering Form, this can be discussed.

How long does the chef serve?

Our catering service lasts for one and a half hours (from setup to cleanup).

I have picky eaters, what can I do if they don't like the preset menu options?

Guests can have the option of customizing orders with the ingredients provided per the preset menu.

When am I charged for the catering services?

We use the credit card number submitted to process the transaction the day of the event; we bring a signature slip with us to be signed at the end of service.

Online Orders

Does Sweet Paris deliver?

Our online ordering system through <a href='/order-online'></a> is only available for in-store pick-ups. However, if you’re looking for a delivery service, we do partner up with Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub for delivery orders (depending on location).

Can I place an order to pick up later?

Yes, once you choose your location on <a href='/order-online'></a> you will be redirected to the online ordering page where you will be asked if you’d like to pick up your order immediately or schedule your pick-up for a later time.